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Enoch Powell 29-11-2015 02:27

Windows 10 update
Major update has been released...

Microsoft re-enable the keylogger and override the settings of users who disabled it :picard:


So what is Microsoft thinking here? I’ve reached out to the company but, despite recognising my enquiry, it has yet to issue a statement. I’ll update this post when it does.

While Microsoft thinks about what to say, I’d say the problem with the DiagTrack rebrand is the company wasn’t thinking. Subtle under the hood changes will always be picked up for such a high profile product. That said such a move is consistent with the negatives in Threshold 2 namely: it resets many user preferences (including basics like your preferred web browser) if they weren’t Microsoft product/services as well as silently deleting third party system monitoring apps like: CPU-Z, speccy, 8gadgetpack, SpyBot, HWMonitor and more.
Outrageous and arrogant of them tbh


In my opinion it is this kind of overriding desire for control and a disregard for user choices which is harming Windows 10. At its core Windows 10 is a modern and highly capable platform, but it has been buried under ludicrous layers of control. Worst still it has created a two tier customer base where consumers are forced to take updates which businesses can delay, effectively turning everyday users into bug testers for corporations.

It all feels unsavoury and unnecessary and (while it could be coincidence) there has been a dramatic slowdown in Windows 10 growth after an explosive beginning. For the first ever Free version of Windows, that’s not great.

How can Microsoft reignite the love for Windows 10? I’d say a good start would be to stop doing daft things like this…

Malcolm Tucker 29-11-2015 15:20

lol at the update just deleting third party apps :lmao:

Frank Castle 29-11-2015 15:22

Lol 8.1 is mint u mugs

Enoch Powell 29-11-2015 15:26

Apparently it forces you to use the latest drivers - for everything. We all know sometimes a particular graphics card or sound card driver might work better than another. Or at least, there may be no reason to upgrade as it may require a needless reboot for no benefit (eg. newer graphics drivers may have no improvements other than to support a particular game you don't own).

In Windows 10, you have no choice :wag:

For example on my Xonar card like a lot of Xonar users, I use 3rd party drivers which are custom built from older versions of the official ones. Microsoft doesn't like this, so it isn't allowed :wag:

Enoch Powell 29-11-2015 15:28

Still, they let you change the titlebar colour now :clap: so long as you want it the same colour as the taskbar anyway.

pant 29-11-2015 15:40

Don't fucking use it then. Jesus

ForumJacker 29-11-2015 15:54

But then you suck all the joy out of complaining.

pant 29-11-2015 15:56

Your mum sucked all the joy out of me

ForumJacker 29-11-2015 16:03


creme egg 29-11-2015 18:01


Originally Posted by Enoch Powell (Post 933874)
Apparently it forces you to use the latest drivers - for everything.

I have a USB to serial adaptor that doesn't work in win 10 with its latest drivers, I have to roll back to drivers from 2010 for it to be recognised, and then every time I reconnect the USB device I have to go through the same process of installing old drivers.

Fortunately I don't use the device that often and win10 does at least allow me to install my own drivers, it would be annoying if this new update gives me no choice and I end up having to run a VM because of it :dolefrog:

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