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Wildcat 01-01-2014 21:08

2018 Dead Pool...
Paul Gascoigne
Michael Douglas
Kirk Douglas
Ian Watkins
Lindsay Lohan
Prince Phillip
Justin Bieber
George H. W. Bush
Stephen Hawking
Fidel Castro
Hugh Hefner
Brigitte Bardot
Clint Eastwood
Christopher Lee

Don't let me down guys.

Chuckles 01-01-2014 21:11

Prince Phillip this time SURELY.

Enoch Powell 01-01-2014 21:14

Michael Schumacher

Wildcat 01-01-2014 21:17

Nah, he'll live, he'll just be a Joey.

ForumJacker 01-01-2014 21:24

It'll be sad to see Lohan's tits go.

Enoch Powell 01-01-2014 21:37


Originally Posted by Wildcat (Post 778151)
Nah, he'll live, he'll just be a Joey.


Malcolm Tucker 01-01-2014 21:38

Definitely the Duke. He has bladder/kidney cancer I think. :yes:

Frank Castle 01-01-2014 21:53

Roger Moore
Joan Collins
Ricky hatton
George Michael
Muhammad Ali
Michael Barrymore
David Jason

Frank Castle 01-01-2014 21:54

Rolf Harris
Paul McCartney
Cliff Richard
Gary glitter

Chuckles 01-01-2014 21:59

Is that your dead pool list or your operation yewtree one?

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