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Groot 27-09-2017 09:26

The Orville

Thoroughly expected this to be dogshit, but three episodes in it is proving to be quite good; very much an homage to original series Star Trek, and touching on TNG morality plays.

Basically Star Tropes.


Groot 06-10-2017 00:25

Fucksake Crog this is fucking mint ffs.

Episode 4 is basically prime TNG with occasional dick jokes.


Stagflation 06-10-2017 08:46

There can only be one Orville.

Peter Pervs 06-10-2017 11:41


Originally Posted by Stagflation (Post 990215)

Hope he's the new Worf :fastyes:

dimle 06-10-2017 19:28

I'm watching episode 5 right now - it is very good.

dimle 06-10-2017 19:48

That blond from the future is fucking awesome

pies 06-10-2017 22:39

The road to Wigan pier is a good read

Malcolm Tucker 15-01-2018 17:17

watched it, it's excellent

can tell this is macfarlane's fantasy coming true, he's fucking loving it

thinking of him in writing room reminded me of that bit in extras... "I'm a space captain and a big hero who everyone loves. Then Charlize Theron arrives.... and all her clothes fall off... and I'm kissing her...."

Groot 15-01-2018 17:51


Frank Castle 15-01-2018 19:59

Is it like red dwarf ?

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