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Enoch Powell 22-05-2018 21:07

pies sued by his parents

The parents of a 30-year-old man have resorted to drastic measures in an effort to get their son to fly the coop: they are suing him.

Court documents say Michael Rotondo does not pay rent or help with chores, and has ignored his parents' offers of money to get him settled.

Despite doling out five eviction letters, Christina and Mark Rotondo say their son still refuses to move out.

Michael is arguing that legally, he was not given enough notice to leave.

Mr and Mrs Rotondo filed their case with the Onondaga County Supreme Court, near Syracuse, New York on 7 May, after months of unsuccessfully urging their son to leave.

The would-be empty nesters' lawyer, Anthony Adorante, told the couple do not know how else to get their adult son out of their house.


pies 22-05-2018 21:19

I pay rent and I pay your rent


pies 22-05-2018 21:19


Malcolm Tucker 22-05-2018 21:28

If you don’t mind my asking, how much rent do you pay?

pies 22-05-2018 21:38


[to Sandhu] Don't you f***ing dare backchat me, or I will slay you now where you f***ing stand, you f***ing Paki cunt!

pies 22-05-2018 21:39

btw went to Wolverhampton few weeks back, shithole

Enoch Powell 22-05-2018 21:40


Malcolm Tucker 22-05-2018 21:52

Guessing you do mind.

yourmum 22-05-2018 23:54


Originally Posted by pies (Post 1003972)
I am a rentboy and I suck my dads aids infested cock to pay the rent


natalie 23-05-2018 01:10


Originally Posted by pies (Post 1003972)
I pay rent and I pay your rent


Thought you paid mortgage not rent for your 25% share of the bungalow or that was the story you told anyway

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