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Simon 18-12-2020 19:17

Can someone tell me what's said in thisome video

Sometime between 19 to 22 minutes when the audio ducks up when a phone call is made

Simon 18-12-2020 20:48

It's at about 21 40

ChemicalKicks 18-12-2020 23:35

Who the duck is Simon

Simon 19-12-2020 00:35


ChemicalKicks 19-12-2020 01:55

Watch the video on YouTube website and you get playback speed control

Actually works in iOS app too.

The voice filter didn’t just change the speed also the pitch but slowing it down did help a bit, they’re taking about an address, girl off camera is querying where a house or something is and camera girl is giving directions.

Simon 19-12-2020 14:11

Can u type what they are saying

ChemicalKicks 19-12-2020 18:07


Originally Posted by Simon (Post 1026126)
Can u type what they are saying

Not really, it's still really hard to make out even slowed down, plus I'm not really sure what you're looking for. Is it the phone call or after when it seems like she has her hand covering the mic and you can't hear anything?

From where the audio pitch changes around 21:40 she says something to the taxi driver like "[he] said go round the back" then it goes all weird and it sounds like the person on the phone either says "i'm just out the bath" or meet me round the back" then they're talking about doors, it's the 2nd door or something it's really hard to make out.

Craig I would imagine would have something that could process audio and could maybe fuck around with the pitch of the audio more.?

TBH though, why are you secretly recording your Mrs? You've installed spyware on her phone and that's why you're able to get the video okay but the audio for calls is fucked. If you don't trust her then you should leave her, you are the most important person for your own mental health, you don't need to put up with feelings of mistrust, life is too short and you deserve to feel happy. She's going to get some smack I assume for the both of you, not a good look anyway, you don't look happy. Hope you keep well.

PS Overall, it sounds like a completely normal conversation for someone wanting to meet a dealer and giving directions to a taxi driver. I think you're over thinking, just need to chill out a lil bit dude

Simon 20-12-2020 04:42

What do u think is happening at 24 55

ChemicalKicks 20-12-2020 11:49

Chatting with dealer on way back to the taxi. Slabbering about you.

Simon 20-12-2020 18:13

What it sounds like is Simon there no. Want a sUckfield or fuck. OK I want a 20stone.

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