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Frank Castle 02-05-2020 06:13

So yeah, the economy is fucked
Literally fucked mate.

Airlines fucked

Rolls Royce fucked

Local councils fucked requiring billion pound bailouts

You’re all going to lose everything LOOOL

I’m ok tho cos I’m mint :sv:

Frank Castle 02-05-2020 06:18

The thing is this is just the start of it, by this time next year everything will be ABSOLUTELY CUNTED :loool:

Like folks are thinking a blip and then it will get back to where we were. Nah mate, a slow death with more and more businesses going into administration as we approach Xmas and into next summer

Why do I find this amusing ? Because I have nothing to lose. And after the pretend economic repair after 2009, by way of QE I knew it was going to fail in an even bigger way, so I got out of construction and did my hgv. Always jobs on wagons :sv: Like the FTSE has recovered some what to plus 6k points ... yeah sure it has lol, FTSE is absolute bollox lads

Frank Castle 02-05-2020 10:27

Moses 02-05-2020 14:07

Good thing the flat I bought last year is in Scotland. When Queen Nicola declares independence she’ll lead us to the economic wonderland and my flat will double in value :yes:.


Moses 02-05-2020 14:09

Don’t worry lads, at least the Brexit transition negotiations are going well and we won’t end up with a no deal ending to all that jazz :shifty:.

Oswald 03-05-2020 12:39

0.6% fixed 5 year mortgages right now

and the gubbermint will put tax breaks on interest for mortgages when rates start rising, and they will keep pouring in the 3rd worlders on covid refugee grounds
the pension age will be raised and your pension contributions will end up being taxed instead of tax free like the boomers had it

business as usual it looks like

COVID is just being dragged out as a tool for more surveillance and for political saving face. the politicians cant back down now and make it look like it was nothing. thats why its wall to wall COVID all day every day on every channel
they will fuck some non essential businesses like individually owned pubs, gyms, cafes and the self employed in general, and destroy the long term health of loads of people after having no outdoor activity, socialisation or exercise for months on end, but that wont matter to them in the long run

also the UK is now in the post christian stage, we are now worshipping the NHS, the NHS is our religion and the key workers are the angels
there will literally be NHS shrines built to pray and worship at after this
this is the final stage before full islamification, since the NHS will collapse when Islam takes over in about 2040

Malcolm Tucker 03-05-2020 14:16

wish we'd had a 3 year fixed now rather than 5, 0.1% base rate ffs :lmao:

Moses 03-05-2020 16:01

Ikr, I have a five year fixed which started in October 2019 :picard:. 1.72% :waiting:.

Visage 03-05-2020 17:17


Originally Posted by Malcolm Tucker (Post 1024099)
wish we'd had a 3 year fixed now rather than 5, 0.1% base rate ffs :lmao:

Took out a base rate tracker in June 2008 when the base rate was 5%

Thats minted the fuck out of me ever since.

Oswald 03-05-2020 19:59


Originally Posted by Moses (Post 1024100)
Ikr, I have a five year fixed which started in October 2019 :picard:. 1.72% :waiting:.

u clueless cunt

rates will be 7% by 2025

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