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Malcolm Tucker 02-06-2016 21:49

fiba opkix brordband
apparently got 76Mb from plusnet

speedtest stuck at 15Mb

they said 'WAIT TEN DAYS LOL' but really? ten days for it to quadruple its speed? :chin: already on day 4 as it is.

the plusnet hub is the least configurable thing I've ever seen as well, so I'm just using it as a modem and letting my asus router sort dhcp, wifi etc out

however it's still 15Mb even when it's in its normal mode with straight ethernet to pc


Chuckles 02-06-2016 21:55

What BT do on fibre to keep their uptime high is keep dropping your speed on any disconnects that are unexpected. So if you have a load in a short space of time, they keep dropping the max sync speed pretty rapidly until it's stable.

Once it's on there you are basically fucked until it's been stable for a long time (probably 10 days if that's what they are telling you) after which time your line sync speed slowly increases back up.

Google BT ip profile and speedtest and I think you can confirm it by running a BT speedtest that tells you the max sync speed.

Might be talking bollocks as I've been on cable for ages now, but that was the score in the old days :yes:

Malcolm Tucker 02-06-2016 22:02

Only rebooted it once though.

Malcolm Tucker 02-06-2016 22:03

11Mbps now

Malcolm Tucker 02-06-2016 22:03

My ADSL was quicker than this :waiting:

creme egg 02-06-2016 22:04

Are you able to see the sync speed on the plusnet box?

Chuckles 02-06-2016 22:04

Their own stuff monitors for drops though. You might not notice because it reconnects in seconds.

Chuckles 02-06-2016 22:05

do that thing

creme egg 02-06-2016 22:05

Fibre DLM sounds like a bitch. Ask on thinkbroadband forums tbh, they're mint

iam 02-06-2016 22:10

I got full 76Mbps from it being turned on. Has an engineer been out? He should do a line speed check himself when he installs it.

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