View Full Version : FAO EG- does your wife post on Mumsnet?

30-09-2021, 10:28

I need help.

He's bought thousands of pounds worth of equipment - including a machete, an axe, a crossbow and a pellet gun. If he could buy a real gun legally in England he would. I wouldn't be surprised if he bought one illegally.

He's obsessed with the banking industry collapsing, the internet being taken out and power going down. He says the masses aren't prepared because they trust the government too much.

He doesn't talk about anything else. He watches videos all day long on how to "prepare" for what's to come. And stuff from the world economic forum/ mark moss.

He keeps taking about people being shot in Australia and how that will come over here soon.



25-12-2021, 02:34
no she post on pornhub, videos of her getting fat black cock in her stinking rancid cunt with EG cleaning up the creampies afterwards like the cuck piece of fat cunt shit that he is