View Full Version : I managed to snag the-sps.org back

22-05-2021, 16:28
I?ve got a placeholder on it for now though www.the-sps.org

23-05-2021, 09:41
set up a hate site

Malcolm Tucker
23-05-2021, 12:44
this is war

23-05-2021, 12:52
this is war

I even found the old logo mate, I think you made it :)

Can you try registering?

27-05-2021, 09:34
Okay so the hate site is established, probably need to tweak the style a bit but the bones of it are up. I’m out of the game so long I forgot how to do anything but I did manage to make the site secure anyway.

I’ve got a potential line on the old database, waiting to hear back.

29-05-2021, 22:16
Spie was a cunt that stank of piss

glad the cunt is dead, if anyone knows where his grave is let me know so i can go and shit and piss on it