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23-11-2020, 22:12
Hi Guys

I’d really appreciate if you could like and subscribe, now we’ve got that out of the way let’s get down to the rest of the video.

Can we have a private forum again please, stuff like the post a pic thread is not going to work if we can’t be sure it’s private. I’d really like it?

Craig, Chuckles or whatever your name is, who’s running the show? IDK


Even just make this private IDC

Malcolm Tucker
24-11-2020, 00:07
Hey guys, welcome to my reaction video of Charlie's Kelly's request. Charlie is a great guy so go check out his channel and hit that subscribe button.

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Answer is maybe, probably easier to just put whole forum on private.

So anyway that's the end of my video, hope you enjoyed, if you did then like, comment and subscribe and also check out my other channel ItsAPrankBro and my Insta and Soundcloud. I'm also livestreaming putting the bins out every Thursday so check that out. Peace.

24-11-2020, 23:15
Yeah, I think it would be decent to have a lil private area just for us.

Also subbed, keep up the good content lol

25-11-2020, 23:37
CK you intending to post your onlyfans content

25-11-2020, 23:44
CK you intending to post your onlyfans content

You know it you dirty pervert :D