View Full Version : WHICH iPhone case?

25-10-2020, 19:00
What the best bets for iPhone cases? Always see ads for Mous but dunno if they’re as effective as they claim :chin:. Also cost £50.

Normally don’t bother with phone cases. Keep for ages so don’t care about cosmetic damage and I figure I’m paying for the design/materials so maybe as well see and feel them. Wondering if I should just put the money towards Applecare and then can YOLO and if shit happens get a screen replacement.

25-10-2020, 19:07
I ordered the black silicone magsafe case from Apple, apparently the magsafe charger can leave marks on naked phone so if you're getting the charger you should get a case.

Frank Castle
25-10-2020, 19:50
I’ve got a clear silicon one with chunky corners. Was £4 from eBay 3 years ago and I’ve dropped my phone a million times including multiple times from my lorry 8ft onto tarmac and it’s still like new

25-10-2020, 20:37
But does it have magnets?