11-06-2020, 22:41
PC gone mad. They've pulled the Germans/don't mention the war episode.

Oh wait, it's because there's a bit where they talk about wogs and niggers ffs,


Pretty valid to remove that scene imo. But people are spacking out online looollll.

Malcolm Tucker
11-06-2020, 22:54
Isn't Mrs Browns Boys transphobic? It's a man dressing up as a woman, or whatever... maybe take that down. Basically would be happy with any reason for it to be erased.

11-06-2020, 22:55
The fact we voted for Brexit and the Tories makes more sense when you realise vast numbers actually enjoy that fucking dreadful show.

12-06-2020, 08:50
Hadn't thought about Fawlty Towers having stuff like that in it but if it does and it's the part of the joke needs to go. Also there's some stuff in Little Britain (black face) that's being censored. It's not just people don't know how to take a joke it's that being black is the joke. There's Blackface in Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia but the punchline is how horribly racist the characters are for doing and to me that's a big difference.

Mrs Brown boys is trash, can't they just censor it for being shit?

Frank Castle
12-06-2020, 10:10

Malcolm Tucker
12-06-2020, 10:17
The fact we voted for Brexit and the Tories makes more sense when you realise vast numbers actually enjoy that fucking dreadful show.

Someone mistakenly thought I liked it and bought me and mrs tickets for their live show, we didn't want to hurt their feelings so we went, and in all honesty the live show was better than expected. I mean, it's still pretty naff, and we wouldn't go again but it made us realise just how wank the TV version is. A lot of their "funniest" moments are when they ad-lib with the audience, or go off script with them, which get cut for time to go on tv. Ironic really, the final product is even shitter than the raw material.

12-06-2020, 13:50
They will ban Oliver Twist soon
Since it describes the life of a child workhouse slave, but he’s white
They will only allow it to continue if Oliver becomes a BAME

Malcolm Tucker
12-06-2020, 14:41
it will be a netflix original remake

it will be titled just 'Oliver'

it will be reviewed as 5 star by the guardian before it's completed post-production

it will be set in modern day, about a black teenager working at an amazon-like warehouse, it won't be called amazon but it will resemble it and be called 'tropical'

when the gogglebox cast watch it they'll all cry throughout it, any that don't won't appear on the show again

sam smith will do the soundtrack

idris elba will be in it and all the feminists will gush over him and talk on social media about his body and it will be empowering, female cast members equally admired will be sexist objectification and shut down

a trump like president will be in it and will be the focus of approximately 90% of 'nod and wink' jokes

late night chat show hosts will do a monologue about it

Frank Castle
12-06-2020, 17:49