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Frank Castle
05-05-2020, 12:36

Picture from the internet (not my bottle) 🤮

Are you awake yet? No ? You will be soon .

Megan and Harry leave royal family.

Prince Andrew is a convicted pedophile and was close with Jeffrey Epstein.

Research Epstein Island if you have a strong stomach.

Wiki leaks exposed Clinton and she deletes 340,000 emails.. Trump gets elected.

Harvey Weinstein, Hollywood’s biggest germ was arrested 3 weeks ago.. all of a sudden he got the virus?

Prince Charles & now the Queen have the “virus”, the queen fled the palace to isolate weeks ago...

All of your Hollywood favorites have the virus. Adrenochrome is your topic here.

Bill gates is pushing vaccines and he owns 15% of the WHO, which are owned by George Soros and the Rockerfellers. Don’t know them? Research them.

Google is currently uncensored and you can access this information.

Whilst you’re there, google “Adrenochrome” and start to follow the trail.

An Adrenochrome batch was made in Wuhan... how fitting....

US deployed 30,000 troops to Europe. “Oh yeah it’s for training”. Without masks or any hand sanitizer.

600 Mexican drug cartels were arrested, one of the biggest busts by the U.S... why didn’t we hear about that?

298 Saudi’s royals, lawyers and judges were arrested for corruption

3 Chinese including 1 Harvard professor were arrested by the U.S attorney for economic espionage 5 weeks ago.

Today Trump crashed the Fed bank, they bought all of the gold and now hold the keys to creating a gold back currency, removing the fiat. There is no fed banking anymore (privately owned), The fed and treasury were basically merged meaning that Trump is now the Chairman for global banking system with the people’s money. Not the rothschilds, Rockerfellers, Soros, Goldman the list goes on.

For this to be possible, the economy must be crashed. All corrupt coin needs to be drained. A 14-28 day lock down is the best way to do this and even better to distribute the money to people on government grants, pay refunds for businesses and ato offsets.

Believe what you want. But open your eyes beyond the virus.

Some of the worlds most powerful CEO’s have stood down.. why? This was before the crash mind you.

Multiple arrests have been made for child trafficking, human trafficking and sex abuse.. but the media is not telling you that.

What you are seeing is a war. An invisible war that Trump keeps taking about.

It’s a war between Trump and his SS against the elites, bankers and mainstream media.

Pay attention to the bigger picture. Trump has arrested and caught more pedophile and child trafficking rings in the world... but I bet you didn’t know that because the mainstream (George Soros funded media, global elite owned) make out that he’s a moron.

Trump will go down in history in the coming weeks. There is no need to panic or have fear. This whole thing is working out as it needs to for Trump and his team to remove the corruption and power that has taxed your hard earned dollar, loaded your loans and credit cards with interest and pulled wool over your eyes.

You’re going to see some big names get called out, to the point where you won’t want to believe it.

If you still believe that 9/11 was a terrorist attack from Osama Bin Ladin who trained donkeys to fly cessnas, which then magically upskilled into Boeing’s and flew aluminium planes into 580m steel reinforced towers that collapsed like a deck of cards, not to mention tower 7 which was a block away but folded. (Let’s not forget the 6 seals who took Osama down that were killed in a mysterious chopper crash. RIP fellas).... you’re in for a wake up call.

This week, The big banks will go bankrupt, they are already on their knees, Income tax will go away and the elites will no longer rule you or the world.

Q (or unknown)

#EndHumanTrafficking #Qanon #TheQ #EyesWideOpen #Apologize #Trump #TrumpKnows #EndTheElites
#DonaldJTrump #TheRealDonaldTrump #DonaldTrump

05-05-2020, 13:03
Has northerner hacker your account?
U need to be posting about drinking and owning, not TLDR conspiraloon copy and paste shite

Frank Castle
05-05-2020, 13:27
After ten years off, I’m back to being a paranoid alcoholic conspiracy cunt