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able semen amsterdamn thats harsh craig just marry jeremy corbyn ffs craig the fucking shill crossdresser hates real women. dd autism shocker dd complaining dd trying to find clothes that fit... double dee's envious of k:d ratio double dee owns fuck out of self again eg's vague ass attacks enoch just die ffs enoch powell internet expert. and pedo lol icraig impressed by shiny suit isis have claimed responsibility justice for the 1400 keep drinking the kool-aid lots of middle-aged reminiscing itt minero for dinero moses is a gooner notorious p.i.g paedo powell getting owned by wormboy penski caught in yet another lie penski lying again pies fingering his niece again pies still fingering his niece in the shitpipe the tories the cuts the tories visage has aspergers visage is sv's designated autist visage owned again visage rapes his own kids visages autism on full display visages kids are pakis visage sucking jew cock ykwufzgxz1y602c0jhwlmpyhofz9e7mnbffcy5lxftctznesl4

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