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Enoch Powell 04-02-2016 17:29

The EU referendum campaign
Thought this could do with its own thread in here.


David Davis launches bid to lead EU Out campaign and attacks David Cameron's EU deal as so unambitious as to be 'a waste of time'

:yes: he's right, as we've said before. Hopefully he will show Cameron up for the liar that he is. Nobody in the media seems to have pointed out this lie, which means they are either stupid or are all in it together... to keep us in the EU.

Enoch Powell 04-02-2016 19:29


Jonathan Portes, principal research fellow at the National Institute for Economic and Social Research, said: “This new data shows that the prime minister’s claim that 40% of recently arrived European migrants were dependent on benefits was at best selective and misleading.”

Portes said the claim rates of newly arrived migrants were low and the overwhelming majority who applied for national insurance numbers were not on benefits.

This showed, he said, that “the PM’s focus on this issue is misguided – the ‘emergency brake’ will have only a modest impact on benefit receipt, and is highly unlikely to have a significant impact on migration flows.”

Visage 04-02-2016 19:32

Jonathan Portes is a stupid liar.

Chuckles 04-02-2016 20:40

So is Cameron it seems when he claimed 40% of them were on it.

Enoch Powell 04-02-2016 21:00

:yes: same link I posted above :hehe:

Portes is the one saying Cameron is lying.

Malcolm Tucker 04-02-2016 23:05

it's almost as if immigrants aren't actually hoovering up all the benefits and ruining the country :chin:

Enoch Powell 04-02-2016 23:14

So, why don't the media call him out on his blatant straw man?

Visage 04-02-2016 23:20


Originally Posted by Enoch Powell (Post 946808)
So, why don't the media call him out on his blatant straw man?

Fucksake Enoch. Because in many cases it would involve them admitting that they too have been complicit in spreading that narrative.

You really think the Daily Mail is interested in the truth? :rofl:

Malcolm Tucker 04-02-2016 23:23

Enoch Powell 04-02-2016 23:28

My question of course was rhetorical.

The media are using only faux outrage. And not calling him out on the straw man.

So we agree then that the media are pretending to be anti-EU when in fact they are all in it together, because the establishment wants to stay in?

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