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pies 07-07-2017 18:14

why cant i log on to this fooking piece of shite site
whats the correct url FFS u useless IT dweeb cunts

Visage 07-07-2017 18:18

This is pretty meta.

'How can I log on to the site I just posted on?'

pies 07-07-2017 18:20

but it times me out then i go to log in and its says incorrect password despite it being the right saved one in chrome

anyway fuck off u cunt, u aint helping

Malcolm Tucker 07-07-2017 19:31

you know what, pies is right

chuckles unilitaterly moved us to an EU based server and has fucked up the redirect

share if you think this is a disgrace

pies 07-07-2017 19:41

gooord bless the queen

Chuckles 07-07-2017 21:27

We are cheap immigrant hosted deal with it

Chuckles 07-07-2017 21:28

Lol a round just cost 33 quid in Croydon ffs what's going on in the world

Peter Pervs 07-07-2017 21:41

immigrant scamming barman that's what

Peter Pervs 07-07-2017 21:42

what's 'he saw you coming' in romanian?

Malcolm Tucker 07-07-2017 22:06


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