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Enoch Powell 16-06-2017 19:07

Lily Allen

Video not working? GO OLDSKOOL! Or just give up. N* is bound to post a better vid.

Another virtue-signalling 'celebrity' cunt, milking a tragedy for political reasons :yes:

Another silver spoon cunt like penski and Visage who got their wealth handed to them on a plate by daddy :hehe:

creme egg 16-06-2017 19:20

She looks awful there :no:

pant 16-06-2017 19:23

You would creme egg

pant 16-06-2017 19:25

She is a full on bunny boiler though

Malcolm Tucker 16-06-2017 19:30

egg would count every flake of dandruff in a nursing home just to shake hands with the man who once smelled her fart in lift

pant 16-06-2017 19:33

He does that anyway

pant 16-06-2017 19:34

Creme egg defend yourself

Visage 16-06-2017 19:34

ITT : Enoch gets angry at a strong independent woman.

pant 16-06-2017 20:06


pies 16-06-2017 20:21

she is fucking off her head

she wont house any of these poor cunts that are homeless

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