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Oswald 28-09-2018 00:30

Kavanagh the sex rapist
WHAT a load of SHIT this is

wtf is actually going on? this stupid bint just spouted some crap about being pissed at some underaged house party 36 FUCKING YEARS AGO and someone tried to shag her in one of the bedrooms


apparently this traumatised her so much that it changed the entire trajectory of her life but waited 36 years to report it

this is actually surreal

Groot 28-09-2018 06:53

Baker worried that one of the victims of his sexual assaults will one day overcome the trauma and speak out against him.

Malcolm Tucker 28-09-2018 09:24

I saw her testimony and she's either telling the truth or very good at acting. The issue is how is anybody supposed to know which? There's a significant chance she's telling the truth, but if what she says happened is all there is to go on, then it isn't enough. The alternative is that we allow serious allegations, life destroying allegations, to be accepted as factual on just the alleged victim's testimony and no further witnesses or evidence.

See the case of Liam Allan, a man who was well on his way to prison for alleged sexual assault charges, because the 'victims' testimony was so convincing. Luckily for him, new evidence that completely exonerated him was found in time, but it highlights the dangers of believing a woman, or any victim of alleged sexual assault, by default. It gives too much power to those who are capable of doing that type of manipulation.

It does mean that sometimes genuine victims, and Dr Ford may be one, will not get justice due to the lack of evidence for their case but that's the reality of how these things should be handled. We should never lower the bar.

Oswald 28-09-2018 10:13

36 years ago

Malcolm Tucker 28-09-2018 10:37

That part doesn't mean it's definitely false though, either. People bury the experience for years, especially if it happens when they're young. Apparently she told people in the past before all this supreme court stuff started anyway. So I don't think it's just a conspiracy to stop the GOP getting the nomination on, something probably did happen to her, but proving it was done by a specific person needs more than essentially a namedrop and a finger point.

Stagflation 28-09-2018 10:58

Believe wamen

Enoch Powell 28-09-2018 11:13

She's lying :yes:

Video not working? GO OLDSKOOL! Or just give up. N* is bound to post a better vid.

Enoch Powell 28-09-2018 13:26


Enoch Powell 28-09-2018 13:31

Malcolm Tucker 28-09-2018 13:51

Morons on both sides of this, as always these things.

Obviously you can have empathy for these cases and acknowledge women can find it difficult to come forward if the environment does not support victims at all, which we know has happened time and time again in workplaces etc, WITHOUT going down the rabbit hole and demanding a weird solution of automatically believing any allegation made by a woman. They might mean well, but the idea is stupid and will result in innocent people having their lives ruined.

Then on the other side there's those who had made up their mind instantly that she was lying, she's a democrat plant, the entire idea of women coming forward after years is bollocks etc. These are the same morons who still think Trump is definitely innocent with his own accusations, despite the evidence and the actual admission on tape. :hehe:

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