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Stagflation 07-10-2017 19:35



Oswald 07-10-2017 19:52


Enoch Powell 07-10-2017 20:05

Racist and misogynist :yes:

Moses 07-10-2017 21:18


Enoch Powell 07-10-2017 21:26

Has anyone tweeted her this yet btw

Not that I'm volunteering

Malcolm Tucker 09-10-2017 16:49

abbott caught out talking rubbish, said corbyn would close gap in polls in 12 months, yet he did it in almost half that :shake:

Stagflation 09-10-2017 20:01

Not hard considering the Tories are divided without a clear Brexit strategy.

Visage 09-10-2017 20:03

So are Labour.

48% of the country have no one to vote for.

Yay democracy.

Stagflation 09-10-2017 20:50

Did not the Lib Dems offer a 2nd referendum? :chin:

It's quite amusing that I'm regarded as a 'Brexiteer' on here yet I voted for them. :loool:

Malcolm Tucker 09-10-2017 21:14

What would voting for the lib dems accomplish now? They can promise a second referendum all they like, they'll never be in a position to do it. They'd need to be in government and with enough of a mandate to overrule tories/labour in a coalition, so either the largest party, or an outright majority.

In other words it's a waste of time, and explains why Labour has picked up so many remain voters last election, it's their best shot at trying to at least temper Brexit away from the WTO tariff, ban immigrants stuff being banded about.

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