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Enoch Powell 20-12-2015 18:59

FAO Stag
Seen this? Thought it might interest you. Some wisdom in the comments too.

Basically questioning the conventional wisdom of the desirability and necessity of full time 'work' for most of our lives. Something I've long questioned.

I know this thread will attract the usual trolls who can't escape their programming.

Stagflation 20-12-2015 19:16

Yeah I broadly agree with what he is saying, work less live more with less emphasis on consumerist carrots to keep you running that hamster wheel. The only thing I question is the confidence in Libertarianism because the very same people who now benefit from the hamsters in their cages are likely to benefit even more.

Enoch Powell 20-12-2015 19:38

I have come to the realisation that libertarianism doesn't work, or at least can't for everyone. Humans achieve most when they work together in societies, all pulling together - a country of individuals all doing their own thing with no regard for anyone else isn't any sort of society I want to be part of, or I suspect the libertarians would truly enjoy either.

It's all very well saying (for example) you'd arm yourself and defend your land but what if a group of 20 men come to take it from you? In a truly libertarian society there'd be no authorities to come to your rescue. It's as realistic as pure anarchism.

That isn't to say we can't move further towards freedoms (with responsibility) than the current system though.

pies 20-12-2015 20:57


Visage 20-12-2015 21:54

Two guys who both have had their money given, not earned think that work is unnecessary.


Stagflation 20-12-2015 22:08

Where have I/we claimed work is unnecessary? Merely that the current system is inefficient, unrewarding and ultimately inhumane.

Best get back on that hamster wheel, clean shirt.

Visage 20-12-2015 22:25

Sounds... Abstract. So what's your alternative?

Stagflation 20-12-2015 22:27

There is no alternative, isn't that right you benighted child of Thatcher?

Visage 20-12-2015 22:54

Thought so. Fucking hippy.

Stagflation 20-12-2015 22:56

Are you, Eric Cartman?

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