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capitalist 31-01-2018 10:22

Richest Cunts in the World
The usual "Forbes List" type shit always lists Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffett etc but there are a few much richer people out there whose wealth is hidden (or criminal/corrupt/etc.) so they don't make the list. Quite interesting reading it, given that they are all on the hit list of people we want to get rid of lol.

Kim Jong Un, Putin, Gaddafi, Assad (Syria). Mubarrak (Egypt), the Yemen ruler whose name I forget, the Saudi royals... all allegedly worth hundreds of billions... all obtained as a result of basically owning the entire country that they rule and pilfering from it.


Malcolm Tucker 31-01-2018 10:41

What sort of bunce would I be lookin' at?

capitalist 31-01-2018 10:44

Bitcoin makes it easier to hide wealth too :wank:

Malcolm Tucker 31-01-2018 10:49

Aye, well, if privacy is your concern then there's better choices than Bitcoin now like Monero. People are having issues with moving around Bitcoins that have been known to be involved in scams etc.

Monero is more fungible than cash (which still has unique serial numbers on the notes and can be marked by police) and so two Monero units are as identical/obfuscated as each other in terms of activity, even if one was used to buy drugs and the other was used to buy pizza, allowing criminals to horde them without worrying about how and where they'll be able to spend them.

That makes it the currency to watch in terms of an insight into illegal wealth IMO.

capitalist 31-01-2018 14:03

Of course none of them come close to the Lizard Jew Rothschild family, whose wealth runs into the trillions... but they have no say whatsoever in how the world is run of course, absolutely not... ;)

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