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Oswald 01-10-2017 19:44

What's better for gaming while on the dole

PC or console?

Enoch Powell 01-10-2017 19:46


Stagflation 01-10-2017 20:06

u need to get good at CS but I now you just want to play that DOTA shite

Enoch Powell 01-10-2017 20:13

I'm getting bored of games, everything is shit at the moment :yes:

No decent FPS since MW3 or BF4

Oswald 01-10-2017 21:08

The best FPS ever was TFC
There is no debate

It's the only fps where u didn't even have to shoot people to totally rape
And as such it was too complicated to grasp for modern day nerds

Malcolm Tucker 02-10-2017 08:43

unreal and quake though bakez, but yes tfc was mint

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