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Enoch Powell 31-07-2017 15:07

Manhunt: Unabomber


You gonna watch this Stag?

Stagflation 31-07-2017 16:33

Sounds shit, but maybe it will mean people look up what led him to do what he did.

The tagline 'An in-depth look at how an FBI profiler helped track down the Unabomber.'

In depth look, yet all they did was publish his manifesto, it was his family that made the link.

The FBI (as well as Attorney General Janet Reno) pushed for the publication of Kaczynski's manifesto, which led to his sister-in-law, and then his brother, recognizing Kaczynski's style of writing and beliefs from the manifesto, and tipping off the FBI.

Enoch Powell 31-07-2017 16:51

Indeed, the FBI would likely never have caught him from their own investigative work.

Hopefully even though the series is likely to be shit and unsympathetic, it will inspire people to think :yes:

Enoch Powell 04-08-2017 22:40

Watching this now. It's slow and clichéd so far. But also has some thought-provoking dialogue from Ted that makes us question our society and our role in it.

Enoch Powell 06-08-2017 22:40


Enoch Powell 06-08-2017 22:40

But I will keep watching :yes:

Enoch Powell 06-08-2017 22:41

Would be better if they'd hired some Americans to do the fucking acting though rather than Brits with shit American accents :yes:

Enoch Powell 19-08-2017 23:17

Up to episode 4 now, and Ted has been in it for a total of about 5 mins.

Enoch Powell 03-09-2017 17:25

Just read this, a good read :yes:

Ted Kaczynski and why he matters

Visage 03-09-2017 17:41

'The Wild Will Project is an attempt to figure out what rewilders can do about our common desire to live outside the bounds of civilization. '

Self reliance would be a strange thing for you to consider.

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