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Chuckles 05-03-2018 23:14

Putin murders ex spy

Lol a few miles down the road ffs :ffspies:

Enoch Powell 05-03-2018 23:20

Visage 06-03-2018 00:15

Putin is anti Britain, so he's OK. Especially amongst so-called patriots.

Malcolm Tucker 06-03-2018 11:56

Proper spooks shit went down :yes:

capitalist 06-03-2018 12:08

He's no worse (and possibly better) than any other major world leader, just our media portrays him as some sort of evil monster LOLOL.

Malcolm Tucker 06-03-2018 12:18

:chin: I think that's stretching it a bit.

capitalist 06-03-2018 12:18

I stretched your mum's arsehole a bit.

Enoch Powell 06-03-2018 13:25


Originally Posted by Malcolm Tucker (Post 999307)
:chin: I think that's stretching it a bit.

By 'I think' you mean 'I've been told', yes?


Malcolm Tucker 06-03-2018 13:30

Whereas you pair have the inside track I presume.

Based on what we know, I don't think Putin is particularly evil no, but it's a stretch to start asserting he's "better" than most other world leaders. Until Corbyn is murdered on the street I think we have a bit further to fall.

yourmum 07-03-2018 20:09

good for Putin, hopefully he murders Johnson, May and that Paedo Mogg next

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