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Northerner 07-05-2016 16:35

Battlefield 1

Video not working? GO OLDSKOOL! Or just give up. N* is bound to post a better vid.


Visage 07-05-2016 16:49

Looks pretty sweet....

Enoch Powell 07-05-2016 16:58

WW1? fuck that

Enoch Powell 07-05-2016 16:58

Visage will now attack me

Moses 08-05-2016 00:25

Hopefully it's not full of gimmicky bullshit. I should like it, given I cba with all the UAV/futuristic tech/etc bullshit of modern shooters.


Originally Posted by Enoch Powell (Post 961672)
WW1? fuck that

Why? It's not as though it's going to be Trench Warfare Simulator 2016. It's just a shooter with loads of shit borrowed from that conflict, put through an artistic licence machine.

Enoch Powell 08-05-2016 11:57

Shit old weapons, no FLIR etc.

I expect it will be a very good game in its own right and I'll probably get it and enjoy it, but I'd have preferred WW2 era (weapons still old but not museum pieces) or modern era, even another fully fledged Vietnam game.

Enoch Powell 08-05-2016 11:59

It's way past due time for a WW2 shooter using current tech btw :yes: CoD or Battlefield, they know this is what the fans want, not this modern shit with jetpacks and space travel, but not ancient slow loading, inaccurate WW1 guns either.

Enoch Powell 08-05-2016 12:00

But I'll be contradicted by people who haven't played either game for more than five minutes in total because they know better :hehe:

Enoch Powell 08-05-2016 12:06

Oh and where is Bad Company 3 ffs :wag:

ForumJacker 08-05-2016 12:24

I agree that a good WW2 FPS is due sometime soon. I miss that shit. But a WW1 game sounds interesting. Flamethrowers, machine guns and even Enoch's all time favourite GAS. That alone will have you screaming 'DIE JEWS' at your PC.

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