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  1. Self Owned IT'S HAPPENING in Venezuela
  2. SRS BSNS White people in London are a minority (excluding Irish & Jews)
  3. Jeremy Corbyn
  4. Obama uses executive powers to increase gun control
  5. Tech Predictions for 2016
  6. North Korea
  7. The road to recovery
  8. Manatees to be reclassified to 'threatened' from 'endangered'
  9. Great Ormond Street Hospital Christmas Appeal donations reach £2m
  10. Opportunities for autistic adults
  11. Multiple attacks in Jakarta
  12. Mixed race relationships in adverts
  13. Iran
  14. Report from Iron Mountain
  15. Right to Own
  16. Putin and Russia
  17. More teachers need holocaust training...
  18. 2.5 million men 'have no close friends'
  19. No two democracies have been to war
  20. The EU referendum campaign
  21. UK press 'most right wing in Europe'
  22. Immigration and its effects
  23. Royal Navy relied on Nato to protect British waters 20 times in 2015
  24. British arms sales to Bahrain total £45m since Arab Spring
  25. Syrian hospital bombings
  26. Boycotting Israeli goods to become a 'criminal offence'
  27. Is science education focussed on the wrong thing?
  28. Cuts to disability benefits press ahead
  29. Muslim beheads 4yr old girl and parades head around streets
  30. Kids sack playtime off to learn sign language and chinwag with deaf classmate
  31. Investigatory Powers Bill
  32. Far right poses a greater threat to Britain than Islamist terror.
  33. Dealing with refugees
  34. Zero-hour contracts banned in New Zealand
  35. Driverless cars
  36. MH370
  37. All schools in England to be forced to become academies
  39. IDS quits
  40. 62 killed in Russian plane crash
  41. Operation Midland child abuse inquiry closed
  42. Forget left or right, you’re either a Globalist or a Nationalist
  43. .
  44. Infrastructure Bill
  45. Steel
  46. Contract changes following minimum wage bump
  47. SB reboot
  48. The plight of the bitter nerd: Why so many awkward, shy guys end up hating feminism
  49. Should Labour promise PR?
  50. Gas explosions in residential properties
  51. Solar overtakes coal
  52. Apps vs Bots
  53. NHS junior doctors national strike
  54. Labour has serious problem with anti-semitism, peers claim
  55. Bullshit Afghan hospital bombing 'not a war crime'
  56. Ttip leak
  57. OWNED Japan's coma economy
  58. Sadiq Khan
  59. Fraud Chilcot report
  60. Anders Breivik and the Unabomber
  61. What would a post-xenophobic politics look like?
  62. ToryBowl 2016
  63. LabourBowl 2016
  64. Next tory leader
  65. Why did Britain's North vote to leave the European Union?
  66. UKIPBowl2016
  67. You should all read this.
  68. Nepal Helicopter Crash
  69. Fraud Student loans
  70. Britain is now the second biggest arms dealer in the world
  71. Grammar Schools
  72. One party state
  73. Human Rights
  74. And so it begins....
  75. The Beatification of Barack Obama
  76. Jo Cox warns against pacifism, says we should bomb more countries in the middle east
  77. JRE #907 - Mike Baker
  78. US potential war with Iran?
  79. Starting a cake making business
  80. Happy International Women's Day
  81. NI rise for the self employed
  82. Erdogan is a lunatic
  83. Someone tell me how long a CV should be
  84. Cars into crowds, shootings, knives...
  85. SRS BSNS Ken Livingstone kangaroo court hearing
  86. Socialism
  87. Intredasting North Korean stuff
  88. Jackanory Escaping the Iron Cage of Hopelessness
  89. Is it okay for a man to wear a skirt?
  90. SRS BSNS Race war - whose side would you choose
  91. Finsbury Park terrorist identified
  92. Are we heading for 2011-esque disorder?
  93. Workplace gender quotas weed out incompetent men.
  94. U.S. Lawmakers Seek to Criminally Outlaw Support for Boycott Campaign Against Israel
  95. Jeremy Corbyn
  96. SRS BSNS The UK government thinks I am an extremist – and you might be one too
  97. Identity Politics
  98. Deaths from electricity
  99. Fraud £5k+ a year
  100. Technology macht frei
  101. OWNED We're all drinking plastic
  102. The Boomer mentality
  103. Ryanair troubles
  104. Boomers spent just 7% of their income on housing costs at age 30
  105. UK credit rating downgraded
  106. For Britain Party
  107. First World problem - Food banks
  108. JFK and 'conspiracy theories'
  109. Low background steel
  110. How black America has predicted our future
  111. Scotland is doomed
  112. Zimbabwe
  113. LOLBBC
  114. Budget day
  115. Ouch
  116. Egypt
  117. OWNED Tories to kick a million people off benefits
  118. Tesla Mega Battery
  119. LOLJEWS
  120. Thatcher privately warned John Major before ERM crisis which crashed the pound
  121. Stocks drop through the floor.
  122. Fraud lol
  123. Labour charge white members more than non-whites
  124. Stock crash and housing price bubble to burst
  125. The first modern Britons were black.
  126. OWNED Mentally ill men no longer allowed to marry each other
  127. South Africa
  128. Visage Asperger's meltdown thread.
  129. SB dumpster fire thread
  130. Italy votes to take their country back
  131. No platforming and freedom of speech
  132. FILTHY Muslim nonces worst case and coverup yet
  133. Everyone is a bit gay
  134. Conspiracy theories aren't real
  135. The Visage autism thread
  136. Britain's energy policy
  137. Electric cars inherent fire risk
  138. Jewish snipers murder 58 Palestinians as US embassy opens in Gaza.
  139. Grenfell review decides to keep flammable cladding
  140. Cartoonist sacked over drawing
  141. Enoch's neighbours clearing up
  142. Refugees to be given right to vote in Scotland under new plans
  143. Blaxit
  144. Company embraces diversity, traditional (white, male) clientele vows to boycott...
  145. William Hague calls for legalisation of cannabis
  146. Diane Abbott: 'Immigration is a mess. Only Labour can fix it'
  147. Jean-Luc Picard
  148. Alex Salmond targeted by security services because of his support for Russia
  149. Brexit Predictions
  150. Can u imagine a worse death
  151. British workers £800 worse off a year than 10 years ago
  152. Bunny Boiler Labour conference: Angela Rayner calls for end to anonymous social media accounts
  153. Spack Out 2nd EU vote
  154. Effect of immigration on housing
  155. The 23 types of anti-white.
  156. Iconoclast, owning
  157. Free Speech and causing offense
  158. The truthful and clearest explanation of mass immigration I've yet seen
  160. Mid terms